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Conscious Reconnection

Consciousness, connection and creativity

About Caroline and Conscious Reconnection

Hi, I'm Caroline, founder of Conscious Reconnection, Conscious Management and My Conscious Yoga.  I have been working with individuals, students and business owners for the last twenty five years, to facilitate connection to values, to purpose and to possibility, encouraging deeper consciousness, clarity, connection, creativity and commitment. I bring in skills and experience from lecturing, business advising, marketing consultancy and the travel industry, and have been on my own personal journey of transformation for what seems like my whole lifetime. I have a degree in Psychology and I'm an advanced yoga teacher. 

My passion is to help individuals to consciously reconnect to their core, their purpose, their passions and pathways.  Finding a new direction following life events and changes in circumstances, such as menopause, a change in family circumstances, a change in career, separation and divorce, empty nesting, etc, that often bring opportunities for reflection, new choices and possibilities for growth and transformation.  I'm working to help individuals find the courage and vulnerability to explore these possibilities and for their lives to be transformed, with a combination of tools including yoga and breathwork, discussion groups, exploratory exercises, movement and stillness, journaling and more, to open up space for release, reflection, contemplation, connection, renewal, and to create our lives as we want to live them. With purpose, path and peace.  The core of my practice and my work is the exploration of consciousness, connection and creativity, with yoga, mindfulness and rest being integral to this.

My own journey of conscious reconnection has been ongoing since my teens and includes travel to many countries over the years, living and working overseas, twenty years as a business adviser and marketing consultant, lecturer, mother, friend and yoga teacher.  My passion for learning continues to centre around the human journey, the nature of relationships, potential fulfillment, spirituality,  somatics and trauma healing, creativity, wellbeing (emotional, mental, physical and spiritual), and lots more - which won't all fit into this space!  I look forward to working with you on your own personal journey.  For more on my work with organizations, please visit, running since 2001.

P.S. I also love photography and all of the images on this site were created by me. 

“Just sipping a mug of Pukka love, and feeling beautifully relaxed thanks to you, needless to say I much enjoyed this morning - and have already paid for the next mini-retreat!”

Gill S, South Cerney

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